Film programme

The film shows at Kleznorth are chosen to reflect aspects of Yiddish culture and provide windows into a world that has experienced a huge revival over recent decades.

The films shown in the past are a mixture of documentaries about Klezmer musicians (The Last Klezmer, In the Fiddler’s House) and Klezmer bands (A Tickle in the Heart, Jumping Night in the Garden of Eden). We have also shown films related to Klezmer music (BBC Klezmer Documentary, Whose is This Song?) and several Yiddish films made in the 1930s (Yidl Mitn Fidl, The Light Ahead, Without a Home, The Dybbuk). Other films shown have concerned events in the 20th Century, particularly the Holocaust.

We would love to have suggestions from you for films to show in future, including repeat showings of past films.

2023 Film Programme