Core tunes for jamming

This is a selection of popular tunes from the Klezmer repertoire. We call them ‘core tunes’ because they are likely to be played in any of the jam sessions at KlezNorth (and are often the core of jam sessions elsewhere). All files are pdfs and available for C instruments (e.g. fiddle, flute, mandolin, piano-accordion), Bb instruments (e.g. Bb clarinet, trumpet) and Eb instruments (e.g. alto sax). We also have bass clef versions (cello, trombone). Please note that the Eb and bass clef versions are drafts – if you find errors, please let us know. Massive thanks go to Simon Carlyle who has provided most, if not all, of these files for the benefit of Klezmorim everywhere. If you are looking for the tunes used in KlezNorth workshops, please go to the Tunes Archive.

2024 tunes

Tunes/materials for KlezNorth 2024