2021 Film programme

Friday 7-8pm (UK time) FILM/CONCERT

Against Fathers’ Will (Mabul) 1926 (43’30), dir. Evgeny Ivanov-Barkov
Yiddish silent film from 1926 with live score composed and performed by Merlin Shepherd (clarinet) and Polina Shepherd (piano)
Synopsis and more here: https://soundandlightcinematicduo.wordpress.com/against-fathers-will-synopsis/
[Included in full weekend ticket, but you can book for this event only]

Saturday 9.30-11pm (UK time) EVENING EVENT

Tevye der Milkhiker (Tevye the Milkman). US 1939 Yiddish with English subtitles (95 mins), dir. Maurice Schwartz
Hosted by: Ian Stern
Tevye the Milkman is the character in Sholem Aleichem’s stories of the same name, published in Yiddish in 1894. This film is based on the stage play performed in Yiddish theatres in the 1930s. Maurice Schwartz, as well as directing, plays the part of Tevye, living with his family in a Polish stetl (village) and struggling to come to terms with the changes happening in his world. It was filmed in New York City and, mid-way through shooting, Poland was invaded. Many of the cast had family there and the events in Europe impacted on them. The story was adapted and reappeared in the film ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ in 1971.

photo of Merlin and Polina Shepherd