Tunes for 2023 workshops

Sheet music for workshops at KlezNorth 2023. Tunes are pdf files in C unless otherwise indicated.

Workshop tunes

Each file contains all the music for instrumental workshops – choose the file for your instrument. Please make sure that you bring the tunes with you there are no printing facilities in the hall.

Phil Tomlinson’s Yiddish Song Workshops

Looking forward to another inspiring and enjoyable KlezNorth. I have a lovely collection of songs to share with you. Some of these are well known, some more unusual. They include seasonal songs, folk songs, art songs, love songs and songs of resistance. Each workshop will work on a selection of songs from the list below. We may also dip into the KN SongBook 2023. I am also delighted to announce that three of the songs (marked with an asterix below) are closely linked to tunes the instrumentalists will be working on, and which we will perform together during the Groyser Orkester on Sunday morning.
You might also like to have a listen to some of the songs in advance – have a listen to some of the links below. You can also print the sheet music.

Get sheet music for songs

Eynzam – zibn mayzlekh (Itzik Manger)

Hop Mayne Homntashn (for Purim, from a Ukrainian folk tune, Hrechanychy)

Afn Nil (for Pesakh) (A Reisen)

Oy Abram*

Hashivenu Nazad*

Du Zolst Nit Geyn*

Di Svet-shap (SOG 78) (M Rosenfeld)

Toybn POYS 192 – this song is sung in the Yiddish Film Undzerer Kinder, which will be shown at KlezNorth

Ver klapt  dos Azoy (harmony)

Leyg Dayn Kop  ( H Leivik)

Oy Bruderl Lekhayim (Mordechai Gebirtig)

KN Keilidh Gig Book

Pack of tunes for Klez Keilidh dance on Friday/Saturday evenings.

Core tunes for jam sessions

KlezNorth Songbook

Core songs for group singing

Tunes archive

Workshop tunes from previous years