Tutors at KlezNorth 2018

Tutors will be added to this list as they are confirmed. Watch this space for information about our exciting faculty line-up!

Flautist, multi-instrumentalist and leader of klezmer ensembles, “FleytMuzik” and “The Klezical Tradition”, Adrianne Greenbaum is the foremost purveyor and revivalist of the Klezmer flute tradition today, returning the instrument to its rightful historical position in the history of Klezmer. Performing on wood flutes ranging from the 18th and 19th centuries to Boehm system, she has toured extensively with FleytMuzik throughout the US and in Europe. As a performer and educator, she has given workshops and concerts throughout the US and Europe. Her innovative projects have included researching and performing her projects “Tartan, Baroque and Klezmer”, including a tour of Scotland, and the more recent “Farewell to the Homeland, Poyln”.

Adrianne Greenbaum is Professor of Flute at Mount Holyoke, teaching classical flute for over four decades. She has held teaching positions at Klezkamp, Boxwood, KlezmerQuerque and Klezkanada, New Horizons, and the Adult New England Music Camp – all focusing on Klezmer. She can be heard on her three award-winning FleytMuzik records, Klezical Tradition’s “Family Portrait”, solo classical album Sounds of America, and as orchestral flutist on the Koch International and Columbia Masters labels.


Various performances can be found here

Michael Alpert has been a pioneering figure in the renaissance of Klezmer music for over 30 years providing a bridge between Old World Jewish culture and the contemporary Yiddish/Klezmer Renaissance. He is internationally renowned for his award-winning performances and recordings with Brave Old World, Kapelye, Khevrisa, Krakauer, Itzhak Perlman, Theodore Bikel – amongst others. He is a mentor, friend and colleague to many of the brightest new lights of contemporary Yiddish and Jewish arts and scholarship world-wide.

Michael Alpert tells the story of the Jewish people and the human race in song, music and the spoken word. Drawn from his family heritage and his own travels through the cultures and terrain of Europe and the Americas, his performances are sojourns through inner and outer landscapes, sagas of immigrant journeys, and epics of the universal search for home.

Michael Alpert has conducted extensive documentation of music and dance in Jewish Communities across USA and Europe, and is a leading contemporary teacher and researcher of Eastern European Jewish traditional dance. He has been Co-Director of KlezKanada, and Director of Jewish Heritage and Arts Programming at the Jewish Cultural Festival in Krakow.


Pete Rushefsky is a leading performer, composer and researcher of the Jewish tsimbl (cimbalom or hammered dulcimer) A protégé of tsimblists Walter Zev Feldman and Josh Horowitz, Rushefsky regularly performs and records with many of the leading contemporary performers of Yiddish music, including clarinettists Andy Statman, Joel Rubin and Michael Winograd, flutist Adrianne Greenbaum, violinists Steven Greenman, Lisa Gutkin, Jake Shulman-Ment, Eleonore Biezunski, Zoe Aqua, Keryn Kleiman and Alicia Svigals, bassist Joanna Sternberg and vocalists Michael Alpert, Ethel Raim, Madeline Solomon, Josh Waletzky and Zhenya Lopatnik . He performs and records internationally with violinist Itzhak Perlman as part of the Klezmer Conservatory Band.

Since 2006 he has served as Executive Director of the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, the USA’s leading organization dedicated to the preservation and presentation of diverse immigrant music traditions from around the world. He is a co-founder of Yiddish New York (www.yiddishnewyork.com), and curated the Yiddish program at the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival . He has authored a number of articles on traditional music and culture and is the author of a pioneering instructional book on adapting the American 5-string banjo for klezmer, and an upcoming book (with Deborah Justice) on klezmer for the hammered dulcimer.

PODCAST INTERVIEW: http://danblacksberg.com/2017/08/25/pete-rushefsky/

Gica Loening is a first generation born Scot of a secular Jewish family from Berlin. Originally taught classical violin as a child, she immersed herself in Scottish traditional dance music over the last twenty five years, riding the crest of the Scottish urban ceilidh revival of the 1990’s, with the Ceilidh Collective and her all women dance band The Belle Star Band.

Her passion for Klezmer in the last sixteen years has been fueled by a desire to connect with her cultural roots and bring together the shared traditions of Jewish and Scottish dance and music in Scotland . She founded Celter Schmelter Klezmer ensemble in 2004, performing with her sons Fin and Herbie, and bassist Jen Hill.

Phil Tomlinson is a very experienced singer, who sings from his heart, and is passionate about spreading his love of Yiddish song. He takes delight in the wide range of Yiddish song, and the way in which it encompasses all aspects of human life, including love, hardship, memory, politics, the Holocaust, religion, drinking and humour.

Phil performs and teaches Yiddish song.He singsand plays mandolin and guitar with the Klezmer band, The Klatsh.He also finds time to sing in an Early Music Choir, and play bass in a Rock Band.

Phil also chairs the KlezNorth organising committee.

Judith Plowman ‘found’ dance (international folk) about 25 years ago, but then struggled to discover which of her many ‘left feet’ was actually her ‘right’ foot! That finally sorted, she has immersed herself in as much Klezmer Dance as living in a small Pennine town allows – with two trips to Weimar to specialist Klezmer dance workshops significantly expanding her repertoire, as well as the week-long Klezmer dance workshop with Erik Bendix in Findhorn. Judith has taught and led dance for many years, and is committed to spreading and encouraging Klezmer Dance, finding it such an inclusive and uplifting dance form. Judith was a founder member of KlezNorth but now focusses on the dancing.  Judith invented and will lead the wonderful ‘dance walk’ – a Klezmer exploration of the lovely countryside around Youlgrave.

Sue Cooper has been involved in the Klezmer revival for many years, playing in bands Klezmeidl (York), and Klezmic (New Mills). She also initiated, and then hosted the monthly Sunday Klezmer Sessions in New Mills for ten years. Together with Ros Hawley, Sue obtained funding for a series of workshops, concerts, ‘klezbarns’ and other events in and around Manchester building a network of klezmorim, and introducing Klezmer dance to the Northwest. Without these various events, the delight and the interest in Klezmer music, and thus the momentum for KlezNorth, would have never been stimulated. She has attended KlezFest London most years since it’s inception, and with Adrian Dobson and Judith Plowman travelled to the Weimar Klezmer Festival to a specialist Klezmer Dance workshop. Her strong connection with her Jewish forebears strengthens her wish to explore and invigorate the many aspects of Yiddish past – the music, the history (European, American and British), the dances and the language.