A Message From Phil Tomlinson, KlezNorth Chair

Dear friends of KlezNorth,

It was with heavy hearts that we decided to cancel KlezNorth 2020 due to Covid-19 – a week ago this seemed a difficult decision, but now events have caught up with us , and it is clearly the only sensible option. In closing down, we have sought both to honour our commitments, and to ensure we are in a position to be back next year. Several of our suppliers have been very helpful in reducing costs. We have also invited ticket-holders to donate, and we are touched how many have chosen to do so. KN became a charity last year, and so we can benefit from GiftAid for any donations. We will also be looking at the possibilities for grants, though are very conscious that many cultural and artistic organisations and events will be suffering from the necessary cancellations this year.

So, sadly we have missed what looked to be a wonderful year of KlezNorth, and would have been our 11th consecutive year in Youlgrave. As ever, the weekend was sold out, and the Sunday concert viable, though selling more slowly as people could see the Corona Virus creeping up on us. If you haven’t seen or heard our wonderful line-up of visiting artists, I strongly recommend you look them up! Andreas Schmitges, Michael Winograd, Sasha Lurje, Craig Judelman and Michael Alpert. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can invite them back again. And we’ve also missed Ian Stern’s Film programme, Simon Carlyle‘s erudite talk, Pam Singer’s Yiddish session, Judy Sherwood’s historic Tish menu, Judith Plowman’s dance walk and more! But above all the joy and inspiration of a weekend with like-minded people.

KlezNorth runs entirely by voluntary effort, and I would like to thank all my colleagues on the KlezNorth Organising Group for the work put in to plan this year, and then to manage the decision and process of cancellation, and the Housekeepers and food team members who had done considerable work in advance.

KlezNorth will be back – we hope to release the date for 2021 in the next few weeks. Looking forward to a postponed pleasure. And now in splendid semi-isolation Judy and I must sit down and start eating our way through the Tish food.

Zay Gezunt,

Phil Tomlinson
Chair of Kleznorth