KlezNorth 2021 has the widest range of tutors and most innovative programme ever seen at KlezNorth with world-renowned names from dance, Klezmer music, Yiddish song, Yiddish language and Jewish food. For the first time ever, we have special workshops for families and young people. The film programme includes a classic silent film with live music composed and performed by Merlin and Polina Shepherd. Open events include the KlezNorth Faculty concert and, live from New York, a Klezmer Keilidh. We also have all the KlezNorth favourites including the traditional Friday Night welcome, a Dance Walk in the countryside, jam sessions, the classic Klezmer Kabaret and plenty of opportunities for schmoozing. After KlezNorth you will be able to film yourself playing, singing or dancing for the KlezNorth Groyser Orkester video.  Book now!

KlezNorth is everyone interested in Klezmer – you definitely don’t have to be Jewish, or a brilliant musician, or a great singer, or a twinkletoed dancer. There’s something for everyone. Instrumentalists will get the most out of KlezNorth if they are able to play a simple tune by sight-reading music or by playing the tune by ear after hearing it several times.

For full weekend tickets and public events we offer a break-even ‘standard rate’ and a ‘supporter rate’. Income generated from the supporter rate will be distributed amongst our paid faculty in recognition of the income lost by professional musicians and performers due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you can pay the higher rate then your support will be very much appreciated!

Supported by JMI https://www.jmi.org.uk/

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