If you would like to do a 5 minute spot  at the KlezNorth Kabaret/Schmooze on either Friday March 5th March or Saturday 6th March please fill in the form on this page. We welcome Yiddish Song, Klezmer instrumental, Klezmer dance, poetry, humour etc. It’s open to all ages, levels of experience and ability. If you have any questions, please contact Keith Lander.

After you have submitted the form Keith will get in contact with you by email or phone or at latest on the evening itself to confirm your spot.

Whilst on Zoom, imagine sitting round a friendly table in the evening with friends, maybe some lovely food, a beverage and a chance to share that gorgeous Klezmer tune, favourite Yiddish song, or the Yiddish poem or jokes (appropriate ones) that you love and that you play/sing/perform all the time at home. Don’t be shy. Please provide these details (even if you have already provided some of them when booking).

A few notes for those performing at the KlezNorth Kabaret

  • please arrive at the start of the evening you are performing just to settle in and ensure you can get in of course!
  • the order may be subject to change and with little notice but hopefully not!
  • please have your instruments/voice, music stand etc warmed up in advance and by your side and any zoom sound stuff sorted (if that has been advised to you). This is so that you are ready to perform thus maximising the short time we have for each act which is 5 mins.
  • Keith, as MC will introduce you prior to performing using the information about yourself provided before the event. I will try and give you a heads up one act before via the Zoom chat. If not familiar with the chat facility in Zoom please find out about where the chat is beforehand or contact Keith@kleznorth.org.uk.
  • please let me know if not already done so, how many pieces in the 5 minutes you intend to do.
  • please include all talk /intros and music/song no more than 5 minutes. I suggest you time a rehearsal of yourself doing your turn.
  • if we are offering Zoom sound checks and you haven’t already done so and need to do so please contact