Why isn’t KlezNorth online any cheaper than KlezNorth live in Derbyshire?

KlezNorth is still the best value international event of its kind! Although we don’t have to pay for the venues:

  • There are substantial technical costs associated with going online.
  • The majority of tutors are paid for their work at KlezNorth. Teaching online takes as long as face-to-face teaching and requires considerably more preparation time.
  • All ‘normal’ gigs dried up for musicians just before KlezNorth 2020, so we are very pleased to be paying agreed Musicians Union equivalent rates to our international faculty for the expanded range of sessions they are doing for us at KlezNorth 2021. In addition to the break-even standard rate ticket we also offer a supporter rate which will enable us to generate more income for the faculty.

How can observant Jews attend the KlezNorth sessions that run during Shabbat?

If you don’t want to have your computer on during Shabbat, please contact Fiona Frank (fionafrank@gmail.com) our tech team leader about possible availability after KlezNorth of recordings of the sessions you would have attended in person.

I donated my fee last year and was promised priority booking this year. What happened?

We were overwhelmed by the goodwill and generosity of people who donated the fee in 2020 when KlezNorth was cancelled. Thank you so much! We realise that priority booking does not make sense when we have, in effect, unlimited capacity. But don’t worry – we know who you are and the priority booking promise will be honoured for the next KlezNorth in Youlgrave.