Tunes for 2024 workshops

Please note that there are no printing facilities at KlezNorth.

Workshop tunes

Participants are encouraged to learn and play the music by ear, but welcome to download or print and bring the music and decide if they want to use them. No one will be shamed for using scores but we will try to work by ear as much as possible and would prefer if people don’t learn the tunes in advance as we’ll focus on subtleties that are easier to pick up if you don’t need to unlearn the way you first read the music. Participants ARE encouraged to listen to the recordings in advance to get to know the tunes and listen for subtleties in the phrasing, accompaniment and tenor lines.

Sanne’s accordion tunes (sheet music)

If you need printed copies, please bring them with you. There are no printing facilities at KlezNorth.

  1. Accordions – hora 1_ midor-tiraspoler
  2. Accordions – hora 2_ HoraJM_Gm

Sasha’s Songbook

If you need printed a copy, please bring it with you. There are no printing facilities at KlezNorth.

KlezNorth 2024 Songs

KN Keilidh Gig Book

Pack of tunes for Klez Keilidh dance on Friday/Saturday evenings.

Core tunes for jam sessions

KlezNorth Songbook

Core songs for group singing

Tunes archive

Workshop tunes from previous years