Tunes for 2021 Groyser Orkester

Sheet music for workshops at KlezNorth. Tunes are pdf files in C unless otherwise indicated.

All sheet music files are in concert pitch (for C instruments such as flutes, fiddles, accordions, guitars etc.) unless otherwise indicated. These tunes will be used across the KlezNorth 2021 weekend. If you have booked a ticket for the KlezYouth or spotlight sessions then you will find links lower down this page to the materials for those workshops. Materials for other workshops can be found in the daily schedules  for weekend ticket-holders (password protected).


This tune will be used for the KlezNorth 2021 Groyser Orkester video. Please be ready to record yourself playing, singing or dancing! A special arrangement will be available for this. 

Additional materials for KlezYouth and Spotlight workshops

Klezmer Youth Orchestra with Gica Loening
Saturday 6th March and Sunday 7th March 10:30-11:30
Resources folder
YouTube video
Spotlight on Klezmer Flute with Adrianne Greenbaum
Saturday 6th March 15:00-16:15
Resources folder
If I had Two Hammers ( Spotlight on Tsimbl) with Pete Rushefsky
Saturday 6th March 15:00-16:15
Pete Rushefsky’s website
Build a Doyne with Adrianne Greenbaum
Sunday 12:00-13:15
Resources folder

Core tunes for jam sessions

Archived tunes from previous years