KlezNorth core tunes are here: https://kleznorth.org.uk/coretunes/
More tunes may be provided by session hosts during the weekend.

Saturday 2-2.45pm (UK time) LUNCH EVENT

Lunchtime instrumental jam
Hosted by: Sian Phillips and Paul Sherwood

Saturday 9.30-11pm (UK time) EVENING EVENT

Jamming room playing for dance requests
Hosted by: Ilya Shneyveys

Sunday 12-1.15pm (UK time) S3

Choice of jams:

  • Slow jam – hosted by Ilana Cravitz
  • Intermediate jam – hosted by Susi Evans and Szilvia Csaranko
  • Advanced jam – hosted by Francesca Ter-Berg

Sunday 1.45-2.30pm (UK time) LUNCH EVENT

Lunchtime instrumental jam with dancing
Hosted by: Adrian Dobson and Judith Plowman

Sunday 5-6.15pm (UK time) S5

Instrumental jam
Hosted by: Francesca Ter-Berg