Friday 5-6pm (UK time) WELCOME

Welcome with nigunim from Michael Alpert and Lorin Sklamberg and latkes from Keith Lander.

Make latkes!

Cookery Demo of ‘Lander’s Latkes’ ( with possible simultaneous Yiddish translation)
Led by: Keith Lander (kitchen skills) and Michael Alpert (Yiddish)
Either watch the demonstration or cook-a-longa Keith by bringing: potatoes, self-raising flour, 2 eggs, cheese, onion, seasoning, frying pan, grater, mixing bowl. Vegetables of your own choice to accompany.

Friday 6-6:45pm (UK time) Tish

Led by Barbara Borts and Ruth Steinberg

Please join us in the traditional Kleznorth start to Friday night, our Shabbos Tish. Join us as we light the candles, say Kiddush and Hamotzi (the wine and bread). We then eat our meal (maybe including latkes made during the Welcome Session?!), during which we sing songs, which you are welcome to sing along with. Zoom sadly prevents us hearing each other sing as a group but does have the advantage that muted we can all sing along loudly even if we don’t know the tune! Why not bring your own candles, wine, challah/bread? With special guests Michael Alpert and Lorin Sklamberg leading nigunim.

Friday 7-8pm (UK time) CONCERT/FILM

Against Fathers’ Will (Mabul) 1926 (43’30), dir.  Evgeny Ivanov-Barkov
Yiddish silent film from 1926 with live score composed and performed by Merlin Shepherd (clarinet) and Polina Shepherd (piano)
Synopsis and more here:
[Included in full weekend ticket, but you can book for this event only]

Friday 8-8.30pm (UK time) SCHMOOZE

Post-film schmooze (with the artists)

Friday 8.45-10.15pm (UK time) EVENING EVENT

KlezNorth Kabaret
Hosted by: Keith Lander
The famous KlezNorth Cabaret Part I. Take the spotlight! Please sign up in advance.

Saturday 2-2:45pm (UK time) LUNCH EVENT

Lunchtime schmooze (English / Yiddish)

Saturday 4.45-6pm (UK time) S5

Yiddish Dance Pop Quiz – for musicians and dancers!
Avia’s popular Yiddish Dance Pop Quiz comes to KlezNorth! The YDPQ is a fun and interactive way for dancers (and musicians) to expand their repertoire and practice matching dances to musical styles. In this variation, participants can submit tunes or dances that they would like to see matched or analyzed, or questions they would like to see addressed! Use this link to submit a query by Wednesday 3 March: (and our panel will try to leave room for last minute queries as well). For this session, Avia will be joined by Christian Dawid and Michael Alpert.

Saturday 7-7.20PM (UK time)

“Havdole:  Led by Barbara Borts and Ruth Steinberg

Join us for the brief ceremony to mark the end of Shabbos and the beginning of a new week. You might want to join in at home with a small box of spices to smell, a Havdole candle (or 2 candles), and wine.

Saturday 7.30-8.45pm (UK time) CONCERT

KlezNorth Concert
Featuring: Francesca Ter-Berg (cello), Ilana Cravitz (violin), Lorin Sklamberg (vocals, accordion, keyboards), Michael Alpert (vocals, guitar, fidl).
[Included in full weekend ticket, but you can book for this event only]

Saturday 8.45-9.15pm (UK time) SCHMOOZE

Post-concert schmooze (with the artists)

Saturday 9.30-11pm (UK time) EVENING EVENT

KlezNorth Cabaret
Hosted by: Keith Lander
The famous KlezNorth Cabaret Part II. Take the spotlight! Please sign up in advance.

Saturday 9.30-11pm (UK time) EVENING EVENT

Tevye der Milkhiker (Tevye the Milkman). US 1939 Yiddish with English subtitles (95 mins), dir.  Maurice Schwartz
Hosted by: Ian Stern
Tevye the Milkman is the character in Sholem Aleichem’s stories of the same name, published in Yiddish in 1894.  This film is based on the stage play performed in Yiddish theatres in the 1930s.  Maurice Schwartz, as well as directing, plays the part of Tevye, living with his family in a Polish stetl (village) and struggling to come to terms with the changes happening in his world. It was filmed in New York City and, mid-way through shooting, Poland was invaded.  Many of the cast had family there and the events in Europe impacted on them. The story was adapted and reappeared in the film ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ in 1971.

Sunday 1.45-2.30pm (UK time) LUNCH EVENT

Lunchtime schmooze (English / Yiddish)
Cookery in Yiddish
Led by: Eve Jochnowitz
Looking ahead to pesakh, we’ll be cooking a potato and cabbage pie, apple and horseradish salad, plum compote, and roasted salted almond chips. This session will be conducted in Yiddish.

Sunday 5-6.15pm (UK time) S5

Talk by Simon Carlyle (topic tbc)

Sunday 5-6.15pm (UK time) S5

Yiddish Open Mic
Hosted by: Steve Ogin
A special KlezNorth collaboration with the Yiddish Open Mike Café who will host the event for us, and with SCoJeC (Scottish Council of Jewish Communities). Enjoy the sound of Yiddish in a comfortable and supportive space. This session is specifically designed to encourage people with very little Yiddish to have a go! KlezNorthians and YOM Café regulars (some of whom are also KN regulars) will sing a Yiddish song or two, introducing them so you know what the song is about. We would love people who are booked in for Kleznorth to come and sing a song or two or perhaps read a poem – and if you haven’t felt able to do so before perhaps this is the time and place to have a go. If you would like to sign up to share something, or have any questions, please contact before 7.00 Saturday 6th March.

Please register (free) to receive the Zoom link for this event:

Supported by SCoJeC, the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities

Sunday 7.30-8.45 (UK time) CONCERT/DANCE

Klezmer Keilidh (Yiddish Dance event) live from NY
Led by: Sarah Myerson (dance) with Michael Winograd (clarinet) and Ilya Shneyveys (accordion)
[Included in full weekend ticket, but you can book for this event only]

Sunday 8.45pm-10pm (UK time) SCHMOOZE & CLOSE

Post-concert schmooze (with the artists) and weekend closing events.